Cullen Wines


2015 Cullen White

Although the weather leading up to and including vintage was warm, the fruit produced by all varieties in the vineyards of Cullen Wines in 2014 was exceptional. We had no rain in January, February and until the end of harvest in March.

These low yields, fantastic PH and great acids levels translated in wines of great flavour and style. The fruit was picked at 13° Baumé and with a high natural acidity. The wine was fermented naturally and had no barrel ageing.

Vintage Notes

2015 Vintage Report

Strikingly similar harvest to 2014 in terms of weather and yields. Similar rainfall, dry from October to March. One difference was the Marri blossom which did not flower until after harvest, this created a lot of bird pressure.

The time of harvest was almost identical to 2014, however the wine styles are different. 2015 wines are characterised by lots of perfume, purity and great elegance whereas the 2014 wines are about fruit power and purity.


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