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2012 Vanya Cabernet Sauvignon – The Label

2012 Vanya Cabernet Sauvignon – The Label

RGB Cullen Logo 600x 600Ashley and Nina Jones used to visit Cullen for lunch in the early 1980’s and were very fond of a wine called Fume, a robust rose style wine. One day they suggested doing a label for this wine and the image they offered was a drawing and limited edition copper plate etching called ‘South Point’. It depicts an egg shaped granite stone from Cowaramup Bay and part of a beach tumbleweed. Di Cullen certainly liked the image, but said she would prefer something that represented the use of oak in the production of their wines. It was decided Di would gather a random selection of acorns and oak leaves, which she collected in a shoe box, and Ashley then choose something appropriate to inspire him. Ashley produced a beautifully finished pen and ink drawing, along with a layout of the new label, and Di was impressed with what she saw and the new Cullen label was born.

This formed the beginning of a long friendship. The first labels bearing the acorn and oak leaf in 1986, celebrated the 1984 vintage. They have been refined in many subtle ways to what we see today.

Cullen Vanya 12 Cab SauvThis new label, Vanya, depicts that original drawing and etching ‘South Point’, first produced by Ashley in 1986. The tumbleweed represents the bringing in of the sea, the wind and the effect of the maritime climate, whilst the egg shape stone represents the ancient soil and the 500 million years old granite rocks which define the soils of the Cullen vineyard. They give an earthing element to the land, sea and sky influence in the growing of great wine at Cullen. The evenness of the climate comes from the closeness of the sea to the vineyards, the sky brings the sun, rain, clouds and wind, and the land brings the character to the wine.

The distinctive design of this label was entrusted to Marco Dabala, for which we are very grateful. The Vanya even has its own modified font, with a vine tendril, to symbolize growth and direction.Nina and Ashley 2013

Ashley studied Fine Arts at the Claremont School of Art and Curtin University, and is recognised as one of Australia’s finest realist artists. Ashley and Nina both have a great passion for life, enjoying anything that is the best; be it art, music, wine, food surfing or whatever. If it is good, it is always thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed by the Jones.

Nina’s background is in arts administration in Perth, and after moving to Yallingup in 1985, she and Ashley became involved in Gunyulgup Galleries. They are now the owners and managers of the Gallery, which is the highest quality, and most beautiful gallery in the state.

Nina and Ashley spend most of their time at Gunyulgup Galleries. Gunyulgup exhibits a diverse range of Western Australian art and design.

For an exciting and innovative 3D experience of the Gunyulgup Galleries, click here.