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Bupa name Cullen in their ‘Best Winery Experiences’

Bupa name Cullen in their ‘Best Winery Experiences’

299_20160223_CULLEN_Restaurant“At Cullen Wines they always strive to promote quality, integrity and sustainability in the process of making each of heir spectacular wines. We believe that the secret to success is knowing how to bring out the true expression of the vineyard, and feature that quality in the wine. The diligence and commitment to the finest end product saw them featured in the recent article by Bupa Travel Insurance, ‘Australia’s Best Winery Experiences’.

The vineyards in the Margaret River region grow in the perfect climate to support intensely flavoured grapes, which is what they showcase in their bold range of wines. The wines can only be as good as the grapes in the vineyard, so they treat them with the respect they deserve.

This ethos of care and sustainability is extended to the impressive on-site restaurant which also received a mention in the article. As Bupa encourages, ‘Enjoy an organic and biodynamic culinary masterpiece paired with an excellent wine, of course.’

At Cullen Wines, they do the work to make outstanding wines. The grapes are hand-picked, minimally and gently handled, carefully sorted, and transported only as far as they need to take them. The vineyard is local, so the trip from vineyard to wine is short.

Taste the Cullen difference for yourself.”

– Bupa Travel Insurance