Cullen Wines

Cullen Wines is one of Australia’s Top Restaurants!!

Cullen Wines is one of Australia’s Top Restaurants!!

We are excited to be one of Australia’s Top Restaurants!!

Congratulations to the 500 restaurants that appear on this inaugural list of Australia’s Top Restaurants. Compiled in consultation with a distinguished Australia-wide panel of Good Food Guide editors, reviewers and industry experts, it forms an academy of chefs and restaurateurs whose votes will create the first annual list of Australia’s Top 100 Restaurants.

So what defines best? It means restaurants that are at the very top of their form, consistently delivering world class standards across every aspect of the dining experience. The very best food in terms of produce, flavour, skill, seasonality, creativity, excitement and spirit of place, and the very best wine and drinks offerings, in terms of quality, relevance and craft. It also means a level of design and atmosphere, formal or informal, that contributes to a memorable dining experience. Our top restaurants deliver a professional and personal standard of service that sets them apart from their peers. In short, these are the restaurants that help define and build our own culture of excellence, showcasing the very best of Australia on a world stage. Join us on the great adventure that is dining in Australia in 2015.

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