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Garden Update April 2015

Garden Update April 2015

What is happening in the garden…

The colours of autumn fill the vineyard as the vine leaves prepare to descend back into the earth. Fig, Mulberry and Almond trees are all preparing for their winter rest and requiring a light prune while their sap is still flowing allowing them to naturally seal up where they are cut, a good drop of biodynamic tree paste painted on the exposed surfaces will help them.

Tomatoes and squash are looking tired and cold, so time to make more bed space for beans and peas.

Jerusalem artichoke have almost all been harvested and baked, with the green tinged tubers being stored in sand for next season. White and red beetroot have developed and are bursting out of the rich soil adding their sweet mineral flavours to meals. Garlic that was hiding last year has naturally sprouted giving themselves away and will be dug up, divided and replanted. Parsley, fennel and coriander have sprouted and will be thinned out as they develop with the fennel leaves being pruned to ensure plump bulbs for baking. Oregano, marjoram, chives and mint have completed flowering and time to prune back and subdivide the plants.

The mycelium network is making good use of the rains and their reproductive fruiting bodies are pushing out of the earth in mushroom form. They bring many minerals to the soil and have a symbiotic relationship with all the plants they connect with. Biodynamic preparations have been placed in their various vessels and buried in the garden to transform into their usable states for next season.

It is a good time to apply horn manure, make compost, transplant seedlings, pruning, wine racking and harvesting for storage from the 12th to the 24th of April. This is a descending or waning period and is influenced by the earth and water signs. From the 1st-11th and the 28th-30th of April it will be a good time to apply horn silica, plant seeds, graft and harvest for early consumption. This is an ascending or waxing period and is influenced by air or fire signs.

WE ARE CURRENTLY HARVESTING…  Aubergine, capsicum, rocket, beetroot, jerusalem artichoke, sweet potatoes, swiss chard, salad greens, radish, spring onion, tomatoes, herbs, edible flowers.

 If anyone has any queries in regards to the garden, please feel welcome to ask… Cheers, Jaimie