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Garden Update August 2015

Garden Update August 2015

Pea Shoots in the vineyard cover crop

 What is happening in the garden…

As the sunrise begins to move southward on the horizon radiating its energy through the crisp clear morning sky, breeding pairs of Australian wood duck and Mallard duck make use of the lush cover crops for their nesting and feeding on those delicious snails and bugs. Native hibiscus, borage, broad bean, calendula, gazania, dandelion, nasturtium and rosemary fill the gardens with colourful flowers and provide those busy bees with yummy nectar and pollen.

Transplanted artichokes have sunk their roots into the earth as their majestic foliage expands towards the sun, surrounded by the delicate flowers of the native hibiscus. Horseradish and lemon grass begin to push their fresh green leaves with oregano, thyme and chrysanthemum planted in amongst them for edible herbs and foliage and to encourage all those beneficial insects we rely on in our unique environment. Pea shoots from the vineyard floor are in full bloom, harvested for use in the kitchen.

Our homestead Orchard and vegetable garden is an emerald green mix of cover crops to condition the soil, interspersed with beetroot, kale, broccoli, salad mix and much more all living happily together.

Fruit trees are to be added this month with a selection of avocado, fig, pomegranate, quince and citrus to be planted out with the descending moon to help the roots bond with the earth. Radish, beetroot and salad mix have popped their two first leaves out of the soil and will be ready to begin harvesting in 6-8 weeks. Ginger rhizomes have been planted out around the gardens and is a great carrier of beneficial organisms for the soil as well as delicious flavour for cooking and use in our range of herbal teas which include dandelion leaf, mint, lemon verbena, lemon grass, rose petal and chamomile.

It is a good time to apply horn manure, make compost, transplant seedlings, pruning, wine racking and harvesting for storage from the 1st-15th of August. This is a descending or waning period and is influenced by the earth and water signs. From the 20th-30th of August it will be a good time to apply horn silica, plant seeds, graft and harvest for early consumption. This is an ascending or waxing period and is influenced by air or fire signs.

WE ARE CURRENTLY HARVESTING… Capsicum, kale, rocket, chard, salad greens, water cress, broad bean leaf, pea shoots, herbs, edible flowers, fennel bulbs, horse radish, lemons.

 If anyone has any queries in regards to the garden, please feel welcome to ask… Cheers, Jaimie