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Garden Update Autumn 2018

Garden Update Autumn 2018

What is happening in the garden…

Autumn colours fill the vineyard as the marri trees drop their last blooms which have been great distraction for the silver eyes. Fig, lemons and limes are being harvested with the orange, grapefruit and calamondin trees laden with fruit for the winter harvest.
Cucumbers, beans, tomatoes and aubergine offer their last fruits as the night temperature drops and daylight shortens. Turnips, parsnip and leek seeds are being planted along with kale, chard and salad greens.
Our cows have all calved and their calcium rich manure have been collected and combined with basalt dust, crushed egg shell and Biodynamic preparations to make our barrel compost which will cure in the earth for the winter.

We are currently harvesting…

Fig, lemon, aubergine, tomatoes, capsicum, carrot, radish, salad greens, herbs, edible flowers, horse radish.