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Garden Update March 2016

Garden Update March 2016

The autumn breeze is blowing in from across the sea, bringing nutrient rich ocean currents and a fresh cool change to the season. As the vines and deciduous trees prepare for the winter their leaves begin their colour change and descent back into the soil. Mallard, woodland ducks and yellow tailed black cockatoos are feasting on our multispecies summer pastures as they nurture their young.

Summer crops of tomatoes, aubergine, zucchini and cucumber are to be removed and composted, making space for winter crops. A fresh layer of our biodynamic compost will be added and gently incorporated with the garden fork, followed by a soil drench of compost extract. Mulberry trees are getting an under prune with the exposed cuts being sealed with our homemade biodynamic tree paste. All fruit trees will have their trunks painted with the tree paste too.

Sugar snap peas have begun flowering and the sweet sugars can be tasted in the leaves and tendrils, providing us with nutrition and the soil with nitrogen fixing bacteria through their root systems.

Jap pumpkins and butternut are being harvested as the little pig tail where they attach to the plant turns brown, they can be used fresh or stored for months. Carrots, leeks, shallots, chard and kale seeds are to be seeded and kept moist with daily watering in their early stages. 061-_DSC2661

A postharvest application of soil activating BD500 combined with cow pit pat and the atmospheric spray of BD501 and casuarina tea, will be applied the entire farm on the 15th when the Moon is in opposition to Saturn, enhancing and bringing the calcium and silica properties into balance. This is critical for the transport of all nutrients and cosmic radiation to the plant and animal world.

It is a good time to apply horn manure, make compost, transplant seedlings, pruning, wine racking and harvesting for storage from the 5th-16th of March. This is a descending or waning period and is influenced by the earth and water signs.  From the 1st-4th and the 17th-30th of March it will be a good time to apply horn silica, plant seeds, graft and harvest for early consumption. This is an ascending or waxing period and is influenced by air or fire signs.

 WE ARE CURRENTLY HARVESTING… Figs, lemon, aubergine, zucchini, butternut, tomatoes, capsicum, beetroot, radish, chard, salad greens, sunflower and wheatgrass sprouts, herbs, edible flowers, horse radish.

 If anyone has any queries in regards to the garden, please feel welcome to ask…  Cheers, Jaimie