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Garden Update March 2017

Garden Update March 2017

What is happening in the garden…

As the change of season brings cooler winds and a splash of rain from the south, our mulberry trees have completed their generous fruiting. Quince, lemon, pomegranate and figs are now beginning to ripen with their branches arching under the weight of the fruit. One of our guinea fowl has flown the coup from the vineyard and decided the gardens make a more comfortable home, scratching and eating insects through the undergrowth.

Tomatoes are towering and laden with fruit, ripening has been slow with the cooler nights so green tomatoes are also being harvested and used with our delicious pork dish. Baby courgette, spring onion beetroot and radish are adding to the variety with Hungarian paprika and horse radish adding some spice. New season seeding has begun with turnips, kale, radicchio, broccoli and peas going into the freshly composted beds and pushing up with the beautiful full moon.

Our cows have all calved and their calcium rich manure will be collected and combined with basalt dust, crushed egg shell and Biodynamic preparations to make our barrel compost which will cure in the earth for the winter. Stinging nettle, chamomile, yarrow have been collected dried and will be buried in their various vessels for curing.


Fig, lemon, aubergine, courgette, tomatoes, capsicum, beetroot, radish, onion, salad greens, herbs, edible flowers, horse radish.

If anyone has any queries in regards to the garden, please feel welcome to ask…  Cheers, Jaimie