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Garden Update March 2019

Garden Update March 2019

What is happening in the garden…

Vintage is in full swing with the fragrant scent of fermenting grapes and the tweets of Silver eyes filling the air around the winery. Mulberry trees offer the last of their abundant fruits and the figs begin to ripen with the warmth the autumn breeze has blown in.

Multicolour cherry tomatoes and aubergine are being turned into delectable delights. Capsicum and yellow paprika are ripening adding their flavours to the menu. Crystal apple, Parisian pickling and Lebanese cucumber are having a bumper harvest sharing their trellis with succulent red flowering climbing beans. A jungle of zucchinis big and small have crept out of their beds into the pathways with flowers and fruit being harvested daily.

We are currently harvesting…

Grapefruit, lemon, aubergine, tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber, zucchini, beans, carrot, beetroot, radish, kale, nettle, salad greens, herbs, edible flowers, horse radish.

If anyone has any queries in regards to the garden, please feel welcome to ask… Cheers, Jaimie