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Garden Update October 2015

Garden Update October 2015

What is happening in the garden…  20151018_074315

The Mulberry trees have awoken from their rest with their leaves pushing out of their branches to make use of the photons from the sun, combining carbon, oxygen and hydrogen molecules to make sugars which feed our microorganisms, fungal friends and sweeten our delicious fruit. Multi-species cover crops through the vineyard have been mulched adding organic matter to the soil and pushing root systems deeper into the earth, strawberry coloured crimson clover carpet the vineyard floor fixing nitrogen, feeding the bees and other valuable insects. Globe artichokes, sunflowers and edible chrysanthemum are all in flower and being put to use by the bees and the chefs.

Garden beds have received a fresh layer of wood chip mulch providing a protective layer for the soil to retain moisture, add nutrients and contrast to the rich green foliage of the plants. Broad beans are in full production and delicious raw or steamed or made into a dip with some salt, garlic, lemon and olive oil. Chamomile flowers, rose petals, lemon verbena and lemon grass are being harvested and dried for herbal teas in the restaurant.

More edible native plants, that are specific to our region, have been added to the gardens, they are sea blight (leaf), salt bush (leaf), kangaroo paw (root), sea celery (stem) and tea tree (Leaf). Radish, mizuna, rocket, coriander and kale have all gone to flower and seed pods have set which will be collected, dried and the seeds stored for planting. White, red and candy stripe beetroot are ready for harvest and tomatoes, capsicum, strawberry and chilli have their first flowers.

It is a good time to apply horn manure, make compost, transplant seedlings, pruning, wine racking and harvesting for storage from 1st-5th and 21st-31st of October. This is a descending or waning period and is influenced by the earth and water signs. From the 8th-20th of October it will be a good time to apply horn silica, plant seeds, graft and harvest for early consumption. This is an ascending or waxing period and is influenced by air or fire signs.

WE ARE CURRENTLY HARVESTING…  Asparagus, capsicum, celery, beetroot, radish, chard, salad greens, water cress, broad bean, herbs, edible flowers, horse radish, lemons.

 If anyone has any queries in regards to the garden, please feel welcome to ask… Cheers, Jaimie