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Garden Update Spring 2019

Garden Update Spring 2019

What is happening in the garden…

The first warm days of spring have arrived and young green shoots are appearing on the Grapevines and the Stone fruit trees are starting to blossom. Lush multi-species cover crops are in flower all through the vineyard, with cereal grains, radish, peas and broad beans all growing vigorously with the warmth of the early spring sun and the moisture in the soil from the winter rains. Fig, quince and pomegranate trees are pushing out their young shoots ready to capture the solar rays and produce their delicious fruit for summer harvest.

Broccoli, kale, multi-colour carrots, turnips, radish, beetroot and peas are being harvested daily for use by our chefs in the restaurant. Broad beans are abundant with flowers, and the first pods are beginning to set fruit, a wonderful legume of which leaves flowers and beans are all edible, while the root nodules are full of nitrogen fixing bacteria which help feed the vines through their growing season with atmospheric nitrogen.

Bush beans, sweet corn, tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber, zucchini, pumpkin and aubergine seeds are being propagated in the vegetable gardens ready for the coming summer season, along with herbs of sweet basil, shiso, green perilla and tarragon.

The first Biodynamic soil and atmospheric applications have begun across the vineyard and grounds combining preparations of BD500-BD508, barrel compost and herbal teas boosting the vitality of the soil and precious vines. Preparations of yarrow, chamomile, nettle and oak bark that have been curing in the earth wrapped in their respective vessels are to be exhumed and stored for use in our compost production and soil activating sprays.

Grapefruit, lemons, limes, peas, broccoli, beetroot, carrots, turnips, radish, chard, kale, water cress, salad leaf, herbs, edible flowers, horse radish.
If anyone has any queries in regards to the garden, please feel welcome to ask… Cheers, Simon