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content-population-template-CULLEN-WINES-280414-(3)-90What is happening in the garden….

Winter continues to bring the cold, wet and windy conditions that help make this region renowned for its wine. While it’s not the best time to be working outside all gardeners are busy pruning and preparing beds in anticipation for the start of spring. Here in Cullen’s garden the roses out the front of the restaurant were pruned on moon opposite Saturn, July 30. A week prior was full moon and Jerusalem artichokes planted at the homestead and at Cullen vegetable patch. They make a great companion for cucumbers in the summer. As do sunflowers, being from the same family. Our sunflowers are appearing sporadically at the moment with full bloom possibly in time for chardonnay tasting 19th October. About this time you may see several types of cucumber planted underneath.

Both of the broad bean plantings between the vines are flowering and have been liquid fed with seaweed and fish emulsion to give them a health tonic and boost. By mid spring the chefs will be creating succulent dishes with these annual vegetable. Our pea crops are not far behind either.

The Asparagus bed that was fed with cow manure and compost and mulched with straw is sending the occasional spear up for the gardener and Cullen staff as the kitchen and restaurant are closed for all of August due to renovations. We do have garden produce for sale in cellar door which is still open seven days a week, only not enough asparagus and when we reopen they will be on the menu.
With the renovations of the restaurant, a major rock wall has been taken out and these rocks reused in the garden under the peppermint trees. We have extended the garden beds, planted more ferns, some succulents and bromeliads and a several hydrangea for summer colour. Unfortunately a large rose gum had to be removed from the car park for safety reasons. Two seats have been made from the stump, and have been placed under the peppermint trees for all to use.

The chefs have donned wet weather jackets and garden gloves to help weed, make compost and create new garden beds at Cullen’s including a raised spiral garden in the middle of the lawn. This garden will be planted with a variety of vegetables and herbs to showcase the biodynamic story and become an interactive space for visitors to learn and enjoy. As spring and summer approach watch how this garden grows…

Chefs Dave Hull and Nathan Flannery have been inducted into one of the most important processes in growing food.. Compost.. and with the different layers of straw, grass clippings and vegetable scraps have likened it to making a terrine. It won’t taste good now but when the vegetables get there roots in there, the flavour and goodness cannot be replicated. To be able to be part of this process is what Cullen wines and restaurant is all about.

This compost will be ready for the garden beds in about 6 to 8 weeks.

I smell spring in the air and summer around the corner….


No harvesting at present as restaurant is closed for renovations.

If anyone has any queries in regards to the garden please feel welcome to