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content-population-template-CULLEN-WINES-280414-(3)-63Moon Opposite Saturn Harvest

Yesterday at the vineyard was an incredible day. The weather was mild, there was slight cloud cover, the Chardonnay grapes were ripe, the Moon was opposite Saturn and it was a a flower day – perfect conditions in our biodynamic calendar. So many wonderful things came together and the team together successfully commenced our first day of harvest 2014.

In the last few weeks we have been patiently keeping vigil over all of the grapes, waiting and wondering what nature would provide to us this season, and all indicators are that it will produce with something extraordinary. In the biodynamic calendar, Moon opposite Saturn is a good day which brings life and fertility, and the flower day brings the influence of air and light. This bodes very well for the Chardonnay and the small parcel of Sauvignon Blanc we chose to harvest yesterday.

Even after the first gentle pressing, the Chardonnay was exhibiting flavours of peach, pear and lemon…it is already delicious!

I wanted to share this wonderful experience with you and have included a few photos and a short video of Matt, our Vineyard Manager, on the day. Click here to view!

I know it will herald another great season for Cullen. If you would like to enjoy our most recent releases, they are available anytime at your convenience online.

Warm Regards

Vanya Cullen,
Winemaker and Managing Director