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How Curtis Stone’s Restaurants Reflect His Australian Roots

How Curtis Stone’s Restaurants Reflect His Australian Roots

Curtis Stone, Chef and Owner of Maude and Gwen Butcher Shop & Restaurant reflects on his Australian roots in this recent article authored by wine australia: published 23rd July 2019

…….. hailing from one of the world’s great wine countries, Stone knew that the wines of Australia would play a part. So to compose the recent Western Australia menu, Stone led a mostly American team to the region.

“I had a lot of pride around it,” says Stone, enamored of the beauty and diversity of the Western Australian landscape. “You’ve got the dusty, smoky Outback and the Aboriginal ways of life, up in the Pilbara; the incredible beaches with crocodiles, then the Margaret River where it’s so lush and beautiful… The entire region is stunning and unforgettable.”

Stone felt a profound respect for the region’s ambitious, at times experimental, winemakers. Cullen Wines was a particular standout. “Their process down there is biodynamic, and just incredible,” he says, given the amount of attention this type of farming requires. “So much care and passion go into that method, when you’re looking out for the earth in an extremely natural way.”

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