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Welcome Back to Cullen’s! Covid Update 6th July, 2020

Welcome Back to Cullen’s! Covid Update 6th July, 2020

As restrictions ease and life returns to the new normal, the team here at Cullen’s are embarking on a new way to think about wine.

As Terry Durack, a highly respected restaurant critic, recently noted in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age Good Weekend magazine:

“As we trickle back into restaurants, perhaps we shouldn’t trickle back to the same old rules of food and wine as well. All my life, I have looked at the food menu first, then the wine list. Wine people, however, do it the other way around.”

Cullen’s philosophy is exactly that. When you have such an array of wonderful, award winning wines to choose from – Wine First!

So, we are creating our Biodynamic Wine Room where you will have the opportunity to sample our wines, including being able to advance book a seated tasting experience, choose your wine, or accept our recommendations and pair it with delectable food.

Bookings Essential. Please contact our Biodynamic Wine Room staff to secure your Seated Tasting Experience and /or a Wine and Food pairing Experience.

Ph: 08 9755 5277