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2022 Legacy Series Flower Day Kevin John Chardonnay

The story of the Kevin John Legacy Chardonnays was born with biodynamics and the observations that different, unique extraordinary wines were made around the biodynamic calendar; planets influence the wines.

Tiny yields of 1.9 tonne per hectare were hand harvested off Block #1 on the full flower day Valentine ’s Day on 14th February 2022. It was brought to the winery and whole bunches were placed in clay amphorae which are lined with bees wax, and pressed after two days on skins. The juice was transferred directly to a flower day puncheon for 4 months. No fining or filtration was made to bottle.



Vintage Notes

2022 Vintage Report

2022 vintage grew wines of immense perfume and texture. The cooler season and low yields ensured that the health of the vines and hence the fruit quality. Exceptionally good for chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and of course Cabernet Sauvignon.

Winemaker Notes

VINEYARD : 100% Cullen Vineyard

VARIETIES: 100% Chardonnay

HARVEST: 14th February – flower day

OAK: 4 months in a new puncheon

ALCOHOL: 13.5%

Tasting Notes

Colour: Pale straw with green tinges Cellar: Enjoy now or for up to 20 years Bouquet: Limes, gardenia, honeycomb, vanilla Food: Roast chicken. Palate: Citrus, grapefruit dried pear, white peach, white chocolate. Fine acidity and tannins pull the palate to a crunchy vibrant youthful explosion of all these flavours; waiting to spend time in the bottle to evolve gracefully into its full potential. Elegant and fine.


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    Whole bunch pressed and fermented with wild yeast in Flower Day Barrels. The oak was harvested and coopered on a Flower Day according to the biodynamic calendar. We find this gives the wine a more minerality and line.

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  • 2016 Kevin John Legacy Series Fruit Day

    The 2016 season delivered another outstanding vintage: the fruit produced by all varieties in the vineyards of Cullen Wines was exceptional.

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  • 2013 Kevin John Legacy Series Flower Day Chardonnay

    This parcel of Chardonnay was harvested on the New Moon, Flower Day, whole bunch pressed into Flower Barrels (barrels harvested and coopered on a Flower Day)

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  • 2014 Kevin John Legacy Series Fruit Barrel Chardonnay

    Harvested on a Fruit Day, whole bunch pressed and aged in Biodnamic Fruit Barrels giving full fruit flavour and character.  The wines have not been fined or filtered and were bottles straight from barrel.

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  • 2020 Legacy Series Fruit Day Kevin John Chardonnay

    Harvested on a fruit day, the 3rd February 2020, the fruit was whole bunch basket pressed and fermented in a 675 litre concrete egg before ageing in a new puncheon for 6 months.

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  • 2014 Kevin John Legacy Series – Flower Day MOSH

    We have observed that Moon Opposite Saturn Harvest (MOSH) gives us wines which are vibrant, mineral and full of life, so we harvested separately on this day, which was a flower day harvest and whole bunch pressed to barrel where the wines went through natural fermentation.

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